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How to Tell What Version of Linux You Are Running

If you are using Linux and you don’t know what version of Linux you are using then believe me that’s the strangest thing on earth. This is one of the basic function of Linux and every user and administrator should know that what version he or she is working on. In this article I will show you by commands that how can we check the version of Linux.

1) The simplest and easiest way to check Linux version is by the following command

#cat /etc/issue

You will get an output like

Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS


2) Another command that is used extensively and for a detailed explanation of your Linux version is as follows

#cat /etc/*release


3) To check the kernel version installed on you Linux you can use the following command 

#uname -r


4) To check what bit kernel you are using just enter the following command and it will come out as output

#uname –a

That can be of two types, one is 32 bit and the other is of 64 bit 


Last modified onLunes, 04 Mayo 2015 14:37
Michael Dudli

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