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Create your clustered SSD cloud server

Quick set-up!

Create your server when you need it, without set-up fees!

Quick set-up

Dedicated Resources

No overselling and sharing! The resources you select are available only to your server.

Geographic advantage

Up/downgrade at any time

Projects and requirements can change at short notice – your server, too.

Up/downgrade at any time

For every size

For every size

From small blogs to large websites and shops – your server grows along with them!

Monitoring and alarms

Monitoring and alarms

Monitor your server and get informed by text message or e-mail.

The cloud server professionals

The cloud server professionals

Excellent solutions by professionals for professionals. We will win you over!


We have your cloud servers under control with our web-based control panel. With the intuitive interface, you can create new servers in just seconds or adapt your existing instances and assign more CPU, RAM or hard disc space. The management of root passwords or new installations with the same or a new operating system are additional tools which facilitate the management of your server.

You have your cloud server under control at all times with our Web- and app-based control panel. Installation with a click of the mouse.

with a click of the mouse

Install your operating system with a click of the mouse via the Web-based control center or through our iPhone and Android app.

SSH access

After set-up, SSH access is available to you via the SSH tool of your choice or our browser-based version.


Secure your server from attacks and create the firewall rules directly in the Web management system.


Graphic display of utilization of server resources gives you a perfect overview.


Select CPU, hard disc and RAM and create a system which is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Monitoring & alerting

You can monitor your server via the Web-based control center and set up e-mail/text alarms.

DNS management

If desired, our DNS cloud automatically distributes your DNS entries over several locations worldwide.

Services & Invoices

Manage your services and pay your invoices by Paypal or Creditcard at the click of your mouse!

Choose between Linux and Windows:

Windows Server 2008 Standard
Windows Server 2012 Standard
Windows 7/8
Debian 6/7/8
Ubuntu 13/14/15
CentOS 5/6/7
Fedora 20/21
CloudLinux 5/6
Red Hat 5/6/7
FreeBSD 9/10
Gentoo 12/13
openSUSE 12/13


Select CPU, RAM and hard disc and create your personalized configuration tailored to your Web project from countless combinations. Is your website growing or do you temporarily need more power? No problem – you can adapt your configuration at any time in just seconds, even for existing servers.


Thanks to the fact that our data centers are distributed all over the world, you can position your server optimally for you and your customers or visitors. Geographic proximity has a positive effect on access speed and response times. Don’t let this advantage pass you by – create your cloud server in your choice of data centers!

Choose your location without giving up English-language support.

Europe: Zurich, Switzerland

Our Swiss data center is located at the heart of Europe with optimal connections to the entire continent

Europe: Madrid, Spain

Our data center in Madrid optimally covers the Iberian Peninsula and provides your customers with access to all of Europe.

USA: Miami

Miami is one of the technological hotspots in the world and is considered the interface between North and South America.

Asia: Singapore: - in the near future!

Singapore is surely the best-connected city in Asia and offers optimal connections for your server.

Looking for a specific location/city? Provide us with your email address and the desired city, and we will drop you an email as soon as the location is available!
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Data Protection & Compliance

As a Swiss company, CloudServer24 is subject to the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the related Data Protection Ordinance (DPO). No Prism, no Patriot Act, no DMCA.


Our Intel-based servers are equipped with high-quality hardware designed for 24 hour operation from the market leaders in servers and storage. Modern Intel Xeon E5 processors as well as SSD discs make for fast access times to your data, even with database-intensive applications. All hardware is monitored 24/7, meaning you as the customer profit from the highest speed and availability.

Your cloud server in a highly-available cluster environment with modern Intel Xeon E5 processors and redundant carriers.

Dedicated resources

No overselling and sharing! The resources you select are available only to your server.


Our integrated 2-node clustering makes for the maximum availability of your server and applications!


Our modern Intel XEON CPUs with INTEL VT technology ensure the best performance.


Not all RAM is equal, especially not in the cloud server environment! Our ECC registered RAM modules are perfectly suited for virtualization.

Low power consumption

All server housings are equipped with high-efficiency fans. Our power supplies are 80 Plus certified, an Ecolabel certificate for energy-efficient power supplies.

Redundant carriers

Our redundant 10 gigabit uplinks connect your server to the World Wide Web though several selected carriers.

Data centers

Our state-of-the-art data centers feature access monitoring, air handling units, extinguishing systems, generators and much more!

Hypervisor-based virtualization

Our cloud servers are based on hypervisor-based virtualization with KVM, which virtualizes the complete hardware infrastructure of the customer server in addition to the OS.


Modern Intel Xeon E5 processors as well as SSD discs make for fast access times to your data, even with database-intensive applications.

Special server hardware

We use only server hardware designed for 24 hour operation. Quality pays for itself.

What is hypervisor-based virtualization?

There are two types of visualization in the field of hosting: hypervisor and container. While container virtualization is set up on small servers without large amounts of traffic, hypervisor virtualization is used particularly in business environments with extended requirements. With hypervisor virtualization, the assigned resources such as CPU, RAM or hard discs are available only to the respective server. Therefore, it cannot be disturbed by other server instances on the system, such as can occur with container virtualization.

CloudServer24 is based exclusively on hypervisor-based virtualization in order to ensure the customer the highest level of flexibility and stability. Due to the virtualized hardware, in contrast to containers, you can adapt the kernel as desired and generate VPN tunnels, just to name a couple of examples. RAM or CPU resources you have rented cannot be influenced by other customers, and we do not oversell – your resources are available only to you.

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