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How to find packages by Yum & Apt


Yum and Apt are two mainly used package managers in Linux for Centos & Debain respectively. Sometimes we find it difficult to install package and we get annoyed by no package found. So to make it easy yum and apt provide various parameters which are used to find package. We will first see for yum

For example we want to search package for “htop”

# yum list htop

And #yum search htop

Sometimes we want all the related packages starting with some name lets say php

We will do like 

#yum install php*

This will list all the packages and we will install the required package by copying the name of the package and placing in yum install command

Debian uses apt as package manager so if we want to search and install packages we will use the following command

#apt-cache search htop

And #aptitude search htop


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