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How to take backups & restore backups in MySQL server


In this post we will discuss how to take and restore backups of MySQL database.

You can load a dump back into a database also

Take dump of the database by the following command

#mysqldump -u(username) -p(password) (databasename) > cacti.sql

Here cacti.sql is the backup file which will be the backup of my database 

Now if you want to restore the database you have to first make a database then load this file into the newly made database 

#mysql -u(username) -p(password)

> create database cacti;


Now a database named cacti is created and you can restore the dump by the following command

mysql -u(username) -p(password) cacti < cacti.sql

If you want just the structure dump of a database then following command will be used

#mysqldump -u(username) -p(password)  --no-data (databasename) > cacti.sql

*Here cacti is the newly created database in which we have loaded the backup dump

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